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    Flash and Flash Player stopped working

    PianomanDave Level 1

      My wife was working on the dotphoto.com website that used Flash.  She did something that made it so that when we try to play a Show (dotphoto/s name for a slideshow) we just get a black screen.  She did this on her MAC desktop machine (G5 iMac with OS 105.8).  I tried to play the Show on my  MAc Book Pro (Intel) with OS 10.5.8 and I now have the same problem on my machine.


      The desktop machine only has Flash Player. The labtop has Flash CS3 Pro.  I also realized that now when i download a .flv file from youtube  to my laptop, it no longer will play in Flash, although i can play it in Quicktime with Perian plugin.  I have downloaded Flash Player CS5 and I still can't play the .flv files, that used to play fine.


      Any idea what could have gone wrong.  Is there a  preference or cache file that I could delete to see if it resets the software. Is there a way that I can download a  clean version of Flash 9.0 and load it over the one that is already installed in order to reset it?