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      I am wanting to learn everything about the new Flash with CS3, but I have a few problems.
      First, I am going to be a Teacher Assistant for a class that teachers Flash but uses version 8 from CS2 and not the version from CS3, does anyone have any suggestions how I might be able to try and learn AS3 without confusing some of the commands while I'm helping students with CS2?
      Second, I don't currently have CS3 and in addition to being a little tight on money for a while, I need to be able to keep CS2 on my computer because I have 2 classes which will require me to be using programs from CS2 in addition to the class which I am a T/A for. Is there any way to work around this without having to get a second computer?
      Third, I have been told that they seperated the design and programming sections of Flash into two programs, Flash for design and Flex for programming, is this true?
      Also, does anyone know if in the future I can get an upgrade version of the student edition for the CS2 Web Bundle to CS3?

      Thanks for any help and advice you could give me