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    Flex release build won't play .swf's or .flv's


      Hi All-  Have built a flex app for a client.  Got approval to post.  Created the release build and tested it before posting to the server.  Failed to play a .swf animation, and .flv videos.  App works fine in debug, and works fine as a the separate .swf, played in flash--just not in the html that was created in the build process.  Tried creating a html page in Dw and embed the app .swf.  No go.  Tried placing a crossdomain.xml in the root directory of the app- no go. Tried creating another app, using both the old, and a new .swf- no go. 


      Still suspicious of the cross domain.xml, though, perhaps because I am not totally clear on the changes.  The .swf is version 9.  I am running version 10 on my machine.  What should the cross domain look like?  Does a reference need to be made to it in the app, or the html?  Although, why would I need a crossdomain if all of the content is local to the app? 


      Has anyone else run across this?  If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it-  Thanks!