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    CS5 is just about everything I could wish for, for now...

    shooternz Level 6

      I had the (dubious) pleasure of editing 5 TV commercials twice each.  Reasonably involved edits with fx, CC, aefx, chroma keys, slo mo etc...


      Due to a hard disk crash that took my PROJECT (.pproj) files and the backups and the auto saves with it.  (all Unrecoverable) I had to re edit the 5 TVCs again from scratch.


      Interesting was ...I had first edited them all before the 5.02 update and  I re-edited them post the update. (Finished them before todays updates though)


      I had no real complaints first time round but there was a significant difference 2nd time.


      I can absolutely say that the CS5 Suite performed absolutely flawlessly and it was such a delight to work with.


      Everything is so stable, solid, fast, responsive...and flicking between the Adobe apps is a dream.


      I have been a serial  avoider of Adobe Dynamic Link until tests today convinced me .this is ready for prime time and will now become a serious part of my workflow.


      Will add...the little updates today sorted a few little issues in AEFX and that is now as sweet as could be as well.


      Brilliant work Adobe.  Thanx.




      (Wont let you entirely off the hook.  Time for some work on PPRO garbage mattes and opacity key frame disfunction.... please, please, please)