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    swf out of flash not playing, swf out of AE not showing up

    Ormon G

      I am trying to get a swf to work in Catalyst.

      The scenario is a series of three images animated in Flash, bitmaps, one turns on, one turns off, so on.

      I bring this swf movie out of flash (it plays fine when I test in flash) in to Catalyst and playback will not happen either on test or build.


      I create the exact same swf out of AE, it works on build in Catalyst but I only get an Icon in the viewport of a Flash file being present and a bounding box.


      I wondered if the swf is referencing the bitmaps in a way that Catalyst can't find them, ......yet everything else can.



      Any one know the trick to getting swf's with bitmaps to play.........Another odd thing is sometimes the 'add action' area for telling a swf to play is grayed out...........sometimes not........ but that shouldn't really matter as the swf is setup to loop with no stop frames.