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    Detecting the right embedded swf by looking at callbacks registered with External Interface




      I have a few embedded SWFs in a PDF document. I want to identify some of these SWFs (for further processing) and the only I can tell apart the SWFs I am interested in from the rest is the former set of SWFs have a function, say "mymethod", registered as a callback with the External Interface. Unfortunately, mymethod doesnt return anything (i.e. return type is void), and executing a callAS("mymethod", param1, param2,...) on the SWF object(precisely, the rich media annotation object) returns me "undefined". "undefined" is also returned for SWFs which DO NOT have "mymethod" registered as a callback. So, seemingly, the return value of callAS() doesnt make a distinction between function that is not registered and a function that returns void.


      Note that I cannot change the SWFs.


      Is there another way to do this ? Maybe a way to obtain the list of  registered callbacks for a SWF? Or, am i doing something wrong?