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    Custom Component Combobox

    Lambert Leonard



      i am creating custom combobox for multiple selection. at runtime i selected multipleitems programatically hereby i mention that custom component code








      function set selectedItems( value:Array ) : void




      if ( dropdown )

      dropdown.selectedItems = value;






      public function get selectedItems( ) : Array



      if ( dropdown )


      return dropdown.selectedItems;





      return null;



      its working properly but my problem is its not displaying in combo. for example in combo box i have 3 items that is "One" "Two" "Three" "Four" "Five" "Six" "Seven" if i am giving comboID.selectedItem = "One", means it is selected and displayed in combobox but comboID.selectedItems = new Array("Four","Six"); in this case in it selected Two and Three but it displayed "One" only in combo1.JPG2.JPGit should display either four or six why it displayed One Please Guide me