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    Unable to set rowcount and wordwrap correctly for datagrid

    anshusaini Level 1

      I am not able to set datagrid rowcount and wordwrap correctly.


      I have set wordwrap="true" rowCount="{dataProvider.length}" ,variableRowHeight="true" and verticalScrollPolicy="off" for datagrid.


      Also,I am calculating the datagrid height dynamically using datagrid.height = datagrid.measureHeightOfItems(0, dataProvider.length) + datagrid.headerHeight, and datagrid width as datagrid.width=datagrid.measureWidthOfItems(0,datagrid.columnCount).


      But i get extra blank rows in the end of datagrid,however wordwrap works fine.


      Can anyone tell how to avoid this problem? I have to show datagrid with proper word wrap and with no empty rows.