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    EMF Rendering possible with PDF Generator ES2?


      Hi there,


      in our testing phase of the new Adobe PDF Generator ES2 environment we faced the issue, that documents with embedded EMF Pictures inside were not able to be rendered correctly.

      Some parts of the graphics are somehow missing.


      This is the cycle the document takes before its going to be rendered in PDF Generator ES2:


      1.       In Bruker TopSpin PlotEditor, exported as Enhanced Metafile

      2.       EMF imported to PPT,

      3.       In PPT, SELECT ALL and then Copy

      4.       In Word, PASTE Special… "Enhanced Metafile."


      Afterwards the document is goint to be rendered.

      I know this workflow is maybe a bit off the standard, but also the ppt does not render properly and misses parts of the graphics after rendering.


      Now comes the clou: In Adobe PDF Generator ES (v 8.0) this document is rendered correctly.


      As far as I read about it, every time the speak of EMF compatibility is within Adobe PDF Generator 3D!

      Does this mean it is oly possible to render EMF content with Adobe PDF Generator 3D or is PDF Generator ES2 also able to convert EMF Files, due to the older PDF Generator did this as well?