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    Full Screen problem

    Jamilee (",)


      I'm using mx:Canvas. Why the canvas is appeared on the left hand side after I click the full screen button? I want it to be appear in middle screen.


      Anyone can help? Thanks.


      Below are my coding and testing results.


      Image 1: Full screen coding.



      Image 2: The canvas is show in the MIDDLE in my screen BEFORE I click the Click Me Button.



      Image 3: The canvas is show in the LEFT in my screen AFTER I click the Click Me Button (for Full Screen).


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          vineet osho
               First of all please add fullscreen handler on application complete of your application.
                 Application.application.stage.addEventListener(FullScreenEvent.FULL_SCREEN, fullScreenHandler).
            After that on this listner function fullScreenHandler put whatever you want to do.
          like this
                          if (evt.fullScreen) {                     /* change the positon of your canvas. */                 } else {                     /* roll back your canvas to normal position. */
                          } let me know if need any help

          Vineet osho

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            Jamilee (",) Level 1

            Hi Vineet osho,


            Thanks for yr replied.


            I already tried yr method as below but still not successful.