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    Connecting image boxes?

    Pontus Uggla Level 1

      I have a database with products with connected pictures. I have a template with a box for the main image and one for detail images. The first image is allways the main image and if there are more then two i duplicate the detail image box as many times as i need. I also put labels on the boxes so i can update them later.


      The problem is that if i have say 3 detail images and i select one of them and run the update script and there is a fourth detail image added in the database, i now have to make another duplicate. If i select all 3 images and run the update script, it will run 3 times where only the first is needed.


      The code now is complicated, i add a variable saying that this group is now updated and its difficult knowing where to put that new box etc.


      What Im looking for is a way to connect the boxes to each other, so if you select one, you select them all, like when chaining text boxes. One idea was to put them all in a textbox, but that makes it harder to work with manually.


      Any ideas anyone?