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    importing flash png sequence into ps

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello forumers,


      ive made a nice animation(tween)with a bubble in flash  ,but id like to import it into photoshop so the frames can be on seperate layers.
      but theres a problem.ive exported it as a png sequence.and ive got like 50 frames.but when i import it into photoshop each png sequence goes to a seperate document.and its like 50 documents in my photoshop,how can i import the 50 png sequences in one document having each sequence on a seprate layer(png sequnece 1 on layer one,png sequnce 2 on layer 2 etc etc etc.??

      i also tried importing as a png sequence but im getting only one png image on a layer wth a wierd looking icon.


      maybe ps users have done this before?