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    Uploading XML Packets to Server Side Script(PHP) from AIR (HTML)


      Hello folks,


      I have a need to send xml packet from my Air app to a remote server. I have searched the net for days without finding any solution to this, so this is my last resort. I did find an example on the example on Adobe help page but I couldn't get it to work for me. I'll just post the scripts below.



      ***This is the script from Adobe help



      var secondsUTC = new Date().time; 
      var dataXML = "<login>" 
                          + "<time>" + secondsUTC + "</time>" 
                          + "<username>Ernie</username>" 
                          + "<password>guru</password>" 
                      + "</login>"; 
      var request = new air.URLRequest("http://www.mysite.com/xml.php"); 
      request.contentType = "text/xml"; 
      request.data = dataXML; 
      request.method = air.URLRequestMethod.POST; 
      var loader = new air.URLLoader(); 




      ***I added listeners to tell me whats going on on the server


      loader.addEventListener(air.Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);






      catch (error)


           air.trace("Unable to load URL");



      function completeHandler(event)







      ***On my php script, I simply (for now) wanted to check if my script was seeing any data from AIR




           echo $_REQUEST["dataXML"];




      ******** The RESULT *********


      I keep getting an error message saying the variable "dataXML" was unknown or undefined. Where am I missing it? The script in AIR or the PHP script?



      Pls someone help me out! Thanks

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          tochie007 Level 1

          I discovered my mistake. In my php script I was trying to read the XML packet like I would read the normal POST date "name=value". This little code below has brought an end to my search. Hope it helps someone someday!


          ***This reads the XML Packet sent from AIR to PHP.


          $postText = trim(file_get_contents('php://input'));


          *** from here you can use PHP to play with the XML Packet which is contained in "$postText";