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    Buttons showing up from other levels that should not be

      I am very new to actionscript and have a question about the loading and unloading of levels. Currently I am trying to build a site with a main navigation area called "main.swf." When you click on a button within the middle of the movie, it launches another external movie called "photos.swf." I do this using the following script:

      on (release) {
      loadMovieNum("photos.swf", 1);

      The problem is that when the "photos.swf" movie shows up, my mouse icon still changes from a pointer to a hand when it moves over the now invisible buttons from the previous level (IE the buttons from in the middle of the previous movie titled "main.swf.")

      Would any of you know what I am doing wrong and how I might rectify the situation?

      Any help is MUCH appreciated,