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    Detect peer diconnection

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      I'm trying to make one peer application detect when another connected peer disconnets (for example just closes the browser window).

      I tried adding NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS to all the opened NetStreams and I also tried adding the onPeerDisconnect handlers to NetStream clients. None of them fire when peer disconnects.


      However, onPeerConnect works perfectly fine for me.

      Any ideas?


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          I think that when a peer connection closes, you will see a NetStream.Connect.Closed status

          event on the NetConnection.  So, install an NetEvent handler on the NetConnection and look for NetStream.Connect.Closed events.

          That particular event will have a property called "stream" which indicates which NetStream closed.

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            MazAwushu Level 1

            Thanks a lot, it works perfectly fine now.

            Just to make it totaly clear, for anyone having the same problem:


            - you have to add the NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS to the NetConnection object, and NOT to the NetStream object.