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    2nd Cry for help!  How to access a function in a parent that is also a child?


      Hi guys,


           So I have a fun one today...


            In Flex 4, the folks at Adobe change the Application.application to  FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.  I get this, to a point, but it now  presents a problem for me.


           I have a SWF (loginSWF)  that loads an application (dashSWF) which loads numerous swf's  (widgetSWF).  The problem I'm encoutering is that each widgetSWF needs  to execute a function in the dashSWF so that manager in the dashSWF  knows the widgets have been opened.


           Originally, I had  the dashSWF as the main app that was loaded intially with the widgets  being the 2nd level of app loads and the following methods worked fine:


           Flex3 =>  application.registerSWF(this);

           Flex4 =>  FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.registerSWF(this);


            However, I had to add a login function to the mix. This loginSWF  prompts the user for their credentials and once validated with the DB,  the loginSWF loads the dashSWF via a SWFLoader() and passes the userID  and userEmail as parameters.  I kept the loginSWF separate from the  dashSWF mainly because it was simpler to code and more modular. But I  still need these parameters passed. Now I looked at flashvars for this  but given that the values are dynamic, I wasn't sure I could use them  for this.  Additionally, I didn't want the values visible in a URL so I  didn't simply redirect to the url for the dashSWF. In the end, the only  way that looked viable was to load my dashSWF using a SWFLoader(0 within  the loginSWF and pass the vars directly in from there. If anyone has a  better way, I'm all ears.


           Now, the problem that I  have is that I can't find a way, in the current setup, to access my  registerSWF() function because the topLevelApplication is now dashSWF.   I've tried giving the SWFLoader() object an id to try to reference the  dashSWF that way but it's not working.


           Anyone have ANY ideas on how I can do this?