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    AJAX with Flex

      Basically I just fell off the turnip truck and landed in Flexville. We have this client who would like to have three sliders, and then those sliders update the main page (php).

      What I am looking for is if someone could either give me an example or provide me with a tutorial on how to make the sliders update the main page (index.php) every time that the user slides, or every 30 seconds. I would like it to send an AJAX, POST, GET, whatever to the main page and that main page will do the work. Nothing has to be sent back to Flex. Just flex has to send to it without a button.

      Can anyone please help? Thank you,
      Chad R. Smith
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          ntsiii Level 3
          First, post flex language questions in the General discussion forum. It also has much, much more traffic than here.

          Is the Flex app in the same html page as the main app? If so, you just need to use ExternalInterface to run javascript in that host html. ExternalInterface is very simple to use.

          If you want to talk to a different url, use HTTPService. It is also not difficult.

          See ya in General discussion.