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      well as  isaid before i m new i nthis


      imade soome practices is going well  i trie adding a componet  wich work  very nice liek the apple covverflow adding transition and  every new image in every new file i  export this in swf format   it give me my files deployto web run local and ria aplication ok well m y question is  when i add this swf file to my web design in other file project or project in another state   it works sooo goooood


      but my question is when i publish tis it give mes agai na  run local deploy to web and ria    i have to  upload this to host and server  or both      projecst already created mmmmm idont unerstand this   anyway when i run my last run local file / main.html  with th whole page setup ir runs all perfectly but is it because is from my files or the whole thing will run  nice and  goood once is being uploaded


      btw i used ecercise file   showed in this page

      i jsut add new test gallerias 


      please answer me


      thansk by reading