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    Backing up log in information

    Kenford Level 1

      Hi all! I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 on an iMac. Recently, my copy of CS4 flipped out, and Adobe tech support recommended taking everything Adobe-related off my computer and reinstalling the program. All is fine now. However, I just went to open up a website, and – of course – all my log in information is gone. The files are there, but not all the ftp information. In the future, is there a file I can back up so that I don't have to go dig up all my clients' passwords, etc.? Thanks so much!



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          bemdesign Level 4

          Backup your site definition files. Manage Sites -> Export. This will save a Dreamweaver .ste file that can be later re-imported (this does not save the site folder or it's contents - it's just the information on how the site is set-up that Dreamweaver uses).


          But you would need to do this before removing everything Adobe and re-installing. Post-appocolypse, you just have to re-enter the info again. You did have that saved somewhere else right? ;-)

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            Kenford Level 1

            Thank you so much! I didn't delete any data... so I have all my site files. But no, I didn't think to save this information. I will from now on! I do back up everything, And I do have all my log in information written down (just for  cases like this). It just takes time to get them all back up and running. So doing what you suggested will save me time in the future.


            It's not a crisis... just a pain. Thanks again!