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    Slow Performance dragging under Flex 10.1?

    trisweb2 Level 1

      Since upgrading to Flex 10.1 for testing several months ago, we've noticed our app has a few issues with dragging and general slowness that weren't present under 10.0


      Specifically, it seems like dragged items "catch up" to the current mouse position by travelling the whole path of the mouse in sequence, if any CPU is used during the drag (for example to verify drag targets via the client-side data model).


      It's definitely tied to CPU usage - the higher the CPU, the less responsive the app is to mouse input, and the more it appears to step through it sequentially as it catches up. I don't have a problem necessarily with the VM getting slower as CPU increases (that's expected) - but I do have a problem with the lag in user input and the change in how it appears to be handled in 10.1.


      First question, has anyone else experienced similar issues? How have you dealt with them?


      Second, is there some way to change the rendering or input behavior back to how 10.0 performed under load?


      We'd really love to be able to recommend all our users use the latest flash version without needing to worry about it performing differently, so would love to get this figured out. Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated.