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    Can't seek() mp4 past 4281233 milliseconds


      I built a skin for playing 2 long mp4 videos. One is 1 hr 18 min (4713700 milliseconds), the other 1 hr 53 min (6818261 milliseconds). (Millisecond times were generated with sprite.member.duration property.)


      The skin has a scroll bar along the bottom for jumping forward and backward in the movie. (It uses the horizontal pixel position on mouseUp to determine the target jump point in millisecond, then uses sprite.seek(milliseconds) to move to that point.)


      It works great, unless you try to jump to the tail end of either movie. Any time I try to jump to a point beyond 4281233 milliseconds, it jumps all the way to the end. (That is not necessarily the highest number that I can jump to; the next pixel over, however, has a millisecond value of 4301054, which does push it to the end. So somewhere between those 2 numbers is the actual cutoff.)


      I've looked through the available scripting documentation, and I don't see any documented limit to the seek point, aside from that number being an integer. Any idea what's going on?