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    PE7 Burning DVD and Playback Issues


      I have two issues: one dealing with the burning to DVD and the other dealing with playback on regular DVD players.


      I randomly (it seems) have problems when burning my Premiere Elements 7 finished video onto DVD.  Sometimes it works great and sometimes it won't at all.  I think it has to do with length to a certain extent, because it seems like the process is less of a struggle to burn a 10 minute video as opposed to an hour long video.  I haven't been able to burn a video longer than an hour at all. 


      When it does come up as burn error, it says the reason is due to failing to return to video frame.  I know I have enough space on my computer and on my disc and it plays back onto my computer perfectly when I burn it onto my computer rather than a disc.  What causes it to work sometimes rather than others?  Any recommendations on where to go from here?


      My second question involves what type/brand of disc to use for more universal playback.  I just switched to a basic Sony DVD-R with 4.7 GB.  When I finally got my DVD to burn, I tested it on 2 DVD players.  One DVD player played it perfectly, the other kept skipping the DVD.  Is there a brand and type of disc that is best to use that will work with as many DVD players as possible?  I do wedding videography and it's very important that my DVD's will work.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The "Failure to Return Video Frame," is very often due to a gap in the video on the Timeline. This can be as small as a single Frame. Usually, there will be a TimeCode listed, or perhaps a %. Since PrE uses a 2-pass encoding scheme, a % of 48% would be 96% of that first pass on the Timeline. That would where I would start looking for gaps. Also, they are easier to see, if you zoom in on the Timeline.


          As far as a brand, Verbatim and Taiyo-Yuden are the most respected brands. I do not know about the Sony brand, but there have been some recent complaints from users, so maybe they have adopted the Memorex business plan - buy the cheapest brand that day, and relabel them with the company logo. This ARTICLE will give you some tips on playability.


          Good luck,



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            evkp@aol.com Level 1

            Thank you Bill.  I'm going to try out Verbatim today. 


            For the actual burning problem, I'm not sure I understand where I should check for the gap?  If it stops at 10% of a 10 minute film, for instance, where would the gap be in relation to the timeline?  Would it be at the 1 minute mark or somewhere else?


            Thanks again!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, you have a 10 min. Timeline, and the Transcoding stops at 10% of the total 2-pass operation. That 2-pass comprises 100%, so at 50% of the Transcoding, one has run the complete 1st pass. At 10%, one would begin looking around 20% or the 10 min. Timeline, or 2 min. Now, remember that there could also be other gaps, but that might have just been the first one.


              Gaps can come about several ways, and are often tiny, just a few frames, so they do not stand out. I use a little "trick" to test for gaps. With the Timeline zoomed in pretty tight, I hit Home, then use PageUp and/or PageDn to step through the Clips. It's pretty easy to see how the CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the red edit line) jumps seamlessly from Clip to Clip. If you see a hiccup, or little pause, you have likely found your gap. How you handle your gaps will likely be dictated by where they are, and also if you have Audio that "covers" the gap.


              Good luck,