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    Webservice -> returnType complexData

    Res Nuessle Level 1
      I try to publish a webservice, which returns a struct (component). This is the code for the webservice:


      <cffunction name="checkLogin" returntype="loginData" access="remote">
      <cfargument name="login" type="string" required="yes">
      <cfargument name="password" type="string" required="yes">

      <cfobject component="loginData" name="vData">
      <cfset vData.success = false>
      <cfreturn vData>

      As you see, i have "loginData" as return type. So I created a loginData.cfc in the same directory as the webservice is:


      <cfproperty name="success" type="boolean">
      <cfproperty name="recordCount" type="int">
      <cfproperty name="mandants" type="string">

      Now, when i try to access the webservice with the parameter ?wsdl (service.cfc?wsdl) i get the following error:


      The webservice works, if i have another returnType. The webservice is placed in [webroot]/subdir1/subdir2/

      I tryed to copy the loginData.cfc to different places in the cfusionmx7-folder, such as cfx, customTags, libs, wwwroot/web-inf/lib. With no success.
      Also I tryed to set a mapping, but i'm not sure, what to set there.

      Can somebody help? Thanks!