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    Range Check?


      I'm afraid that I already know the answer to my question, so I'm hoping with blind optimism that somone can tell me differently . . . Is there some tool/filter in Premiere Pro that is comparable to FCP's Range Check?  Clearly, you can adjust the level of the whites and blacks in a multitude of effects, but I'm longing to have some tool that will tell me when the luminance range is acceptable rather than waiting until the end and applying a Video Limiter.    

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          shooternz Level 6

          Dont the scopes tell you all you want to know?

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            ken7795 Level 1

            The scopes certainly provide a plethora of information about your video, but it would be nice to be told when your video goes out of range like it does in FCP.    

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              shooternz Level 6



              Scopes are for "real computer" users.


              Use FCP if you need your hand held at every step.



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                Hi there Ken7795,


                Did you ever get a helpful answer for this? Honestly, answers like that make you wonder what forums are actually for.





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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Scopes were the correct answer given in post #1.


                  He already knew what he asked for did not exist.


                  I'm afraid that I already know the answer to my question, so I'm hoping with blind optimism that somone can tell me differently


                  The second response was  jibe.


                  So what would you like to know by dredging up a 3 year old post?

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                    Saimurai Level 1

                    I think the time scale is irrelevant as these posts don't disappear, so new people coming in to learn will still find them in seeking their answers. I only just transferred from FCP the past few months after using FCP since version 4 i think it was. So i'm still learning about the differences as I go.


                    He may have already known the answer but it sounds like he was just checking.


                    I guess what i wanted to know was why people have to be belittling to those seeking help. A simple answer that would have helped me in my first search would have been "There is no function like that, there are only the scopes. They're not hard to pick up." You know a bit of encouragement. "In his case it didn't sound like he knew about the scopes, as he mentioned his work flow included "waiting until the end and applying a Video Limiter". So a simple answer might have been "hey you're right! there isn't one! But there are scopes!" lol


                    I don't know you, so i read a "jibe" as someone who has all the answers and is irritated by silly questions. I don't have much to go on, but i learn a lot through practice and forums and there seems to be a trend with comments like that. Maybe its not what you're like, but i just don't understand when its seems people hang around in forums waiting to let people know they're dumb for not knowing and trying to learn. Sometimes asking a question is hard when you haven't a clue what the names for functions are lol.

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                      tfi productions 44 Level 1

                      hello,  @ shooternz:  thanks for the info about the scopes, will be checking those out


                      honestly, answers like S's make you wonder why FCP users migrate to PPRO and then

                      react the way they do when PPRO is PPRO and not an NLE made for people who leave FCP...


                      it happens soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo often...


                      have a blessed day, j

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                        shooternz Level 6

                        FWIW - The Range Checker in FCP only does part of the job if one is legalising for strict broadcast QC.


                        It is luminance only but does not consider individual color channel luminance in any way one can manage it.  Red is the usual culprit.


                        This can be seen correctly in PPro Scopes (RGB Parade) and dealt with using PPro Levels.

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                          tfi productions 44 Level 1

                          hey shooternz,  thanks for more valuable info


                          however, now i am curious/nervous re: sd and hd color spaces: rec 601 / 709

                          i have projects that contain both sd / hd footage, i export hd footage to dvd, i scale sd footage into hd projects and export in hd

                          i use cs5.03 on one rig / i use cs6 on another (both pcs) using PPRO, AE, AME, Encore


                          if it's not too much to ask:  is there anything to be worried about or needs correcting/converting between these color spaces please


                          i am trying to learn as much as possible with regards to quality projects...thanks in advance...j