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    Problems with Dashboard Demo App in Flash Builder 4

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      I imported the Adobe Flex Dashboard app into Flash Builder 4 using SD 4.1 and selected "Use Flex 3 compatibility mode", but there are still some issues after import.


      I'm not talking about having to create the "libs" folder and re-generate the HTML templates. I know why that needs to be done. I'm also not talking about the IStroke and IFill errors you get for the number of arguments to the apply() and begin() methods, as those interfaces changed in Flex 3.5.


      But when I get the app launched, the chart datatips are just a black rectangle (no text) and the combobox entry text is invisible.


      I'm going to try and fix these, but I thought selecting "Use Flex 3 compatibility mode" meant no changed required?