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    RoboHelp & video-audio?


      Hi!  I am interested in creating a help document that


      - is process driven.  I've done that before simply by creating a flowchart for each user with links from each 'activity' box to the activity (job task) and steps.


      - presents text (of course).


      - provides links to mini-demos of performing a procedure (using a computer application).  Or could link from text to the video + audio mini-demo.


      Does RoboHelp support this?  You can see I'm trying to create really an electronic performance support system that provides the needed info (not training in the truest sense of the word) in multiple media so the users can access the info both by job roles & responsibilities and according to their own learning preference.


      Does this make sense?  Can RoboHelp support this?  Have you done this?





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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          I don't know if I completely grasped you meaning, but here it goes:


          1. With flowchart, do you mean an image users can click to go to the next page? If so, it can be done. You'll make the images outside RoboHelp and create image maps in your project.You can also create flowcharts using html, but that requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS and possibly some JavaScript.


          2. Yes, RoboHelp can do that.


          3. Yes. You can include links to any URL you want. You can also include the demo's in your RH output. You can add it to the text itself and you can add it as pop-ups.


          4. I use all of the above (sort of) and it works fine. Keep in mind that RoboHelp is a help authoring tool. If you want to serve online courses to users, be sure to check out tools like Moodle or Acrobat Connect.