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    PRE8 - Transitioning between multiple video tracks




      I've been making Youtube vids for awhile with a web cam, and using a Microsoft app to sync my audio up with the webcam.


      I now have a second camera, and have purchased PRE8 for some of the effects, and to try to sync the video closer to the audio (as well as adding multiple camera shots).


      I've recorded all my video angles (5 in all) and have been trying to switch between video tracks.


      I first set my audio track into PRE8, then the first video. I work to sync the two, then mute the audio track from the webcam video clip.


      When I add a second video clip in, can I add it as a new video track, and then transition between them?


      The book I have only uses separate video clips, all stacked onto one video track.


      The problem with me doing that is, I need to pull all 5 video clips in, sync them to the audio track, and then change in between them.


      Having to clip them duration wise for every transition is going to take awhile, and seems like it would be hard to get right.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Let me know if you need more information from me to help.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What you are describing is A - B Roll editing, but in your case, it's A - B - C - D - E Roll editing.


          Many Transitions can be added to the Head, or the Tail of a Clip. Some will only perform, if two Clips (with adequate Handles) are butted together. Which Transitions would you like to add?


          Good luck,




          PS - PrPro has true, full Multi-cam editing, but only allows 4 cameras, though one can nest and use more cameras, but with a few more steps.

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            Donbecker1234 Level 1

            Hi Bill, thanks for the reply.


            Transition-wise, I just need some simple ones, a hard cut over, and maybe one where it fades between the two clips.


            So you're saying that PrPro will allow me to transition between different video tracks?


            To give you a better idea of what I'm doing, it's just stationary shots of me playing guitar/singing, and I'd like to edit them together and transition between angles to give the appearance of it being all shot live with multiple cameras.


            I understand I could sync the video to audio, cut where I want transitions and then push all the clips to one video track, but that would take a significant amount of time.


            The solution posted here sounds like it might work:




            But essentially, I'd like to fade/transition/switch between one video track to another, while in the middle of clips.


            Does that make sense?


            Would PrPro handle that if PRE8 can't?


            Thanks again,



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              Donbecker1234 Level 1

              Bill, quick addtion, you mentioned:


              "What you are describing is A - B Roll editing, but in your case, it's A - B - C - D - E Roll editing."


              What I'm actually wanting to do is more like:


              A - A - B - A - C - A - D etc etc


              Think of it like an NFL broadcast, the game continues and they are just looking for the right camera angle for the moment.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                The Multi-cam feature allows you to set say Sync to Audio, and then lock your various cameras to that, and cut easily between them, plus it also allows you to monitor everything though you have four full Clips on the Timeline, where the upper one would normally cover up all others.


                I was off looking for that thread that you linked to, but could not find it. You saved me looking any more!


                For Butt-Cuts, there is no problem, and with Cross-Dissolves and Dip-to-Black Transitions, you can do that easily too.


                To keep things simple, I would do the multi-cam editing with the Audio Tracks OFF initially, so that your Video Tracks are one atop the other. This will make it easier to see how they are overlapping. Later, you can change the display to both Audio & Video for when you tweak things to sync. Remember that the top Video Track will be visible over all below it, unless you have some form of transparency, so you do not even need to Cut the lower Clips - just place another Clip higher up.


                One thing that you might want to read up on would be Handles, which are the extra Frames that one needs on a Clip to add a Transition. You will probably already have all necessary Handles, when you Trim your various Clips, but if you start to pick up what appear to be extra Frames that you thought you'd cut out, or start getting info messages about Frames being repeated, you will already have your answer.


                Good luck,



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                  Donbecker1234 Level 1

                  Hi Bill,


                  Yea, these are for the most part solid video clips of an entire song.


                  So they all need to be synced together, with the audio.


                  If I had to go thru and cut each video apart into separate clips, I'd imagine that would be a real pain to change any transitions.


                  As for doing the video first, I would expect the majority of my shots to have me playing in them. The actual footage of me I'd like to sync to the music, so the movements don't look out of place.


                  That being said, the first real task is getting all the video clips synced to the audio.


                  From there, I could look at different clips as the music plays, and try to determine which I'd switch to and when.


                  Does the Pro version sound like a better fit for me?

                  Admittedly I'm new to all this, so I'm open to suggestions, let me know if there is something else I should be using.





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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Well, the Multi-cam feature would simplify life a bit, but there is a big difference in the cost of the two programs.


                    What I would do is look at a workflow, something like this:


                    Import your main footage, probably a Clip with a medium wide shot, and drag it to the Timeline. Now, does this Clip contain the full song, or was that recorded separately? Either way, check for the sync for the entire Clip. When you play this Clip, use the * key on the numberpad (with NumLock ON), to place Markers where you think you will want the "cut-away" shots. Don't worry if they are not exactly where you will end up placing the cut-aways, as they are just there to remind you. Now, with the cut-aways, Import one of those into Project. From the Project Panel, Dbl-click on it to open it in the Source Monitor. Set the In and Out Points to suit, and then from the Source Monitor, drag that Instance of the Clip onto an upper Video Track. Let any Audio go where ever PrPro wants it, because you will Alt-click on that Audio, and Delete it. Now, slide it along the Timeline, until it syncs up with the "master" Audio Track. You have the benefit of knowing which strings you are plucking, or which chords you are using, so it will be much easier for you. Were I doing that, I would not have a clue, and would have to use that Clip's Audio to try and match up the visuals.


                    Remember, that source Clip can have its In & Out Points set as many times as you wish, and you can add any number of Instances to the Timeline, where you wish, and repeat the process of visually syncing to the master Audio.


                    Repeat for the other desired angles.


                    When you are done, just add a Cross-Dissolve to each end of each of the additional Clips, as desired.


                    From an aesthetic standpoint, you might also want to think about doing some of those "different angles" as PiP (Picture in Picture). I have seen that treatment used very successfully with musical pieces, especially if they are instructional in nature.


                    Let me know if the above workflow seems logical for what you have, and what you want to do.


                    Good luck,