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    Source monitor blank

    sebrame Level 3

      So far the only thing I've had problems with in Premiere CS5 is that when I load a 1st clip of a session to the Source Monitor, it appears blank until I scrub video in the timeline, at which point the picture in the Source Monitor flashes rapidly as I scrub. At that point I can then scrub the clip in the Source Monitor normally. From that point on, all clips added to the Source Monitor appear normally.


      So...just a minor aggravation at this point. Appears benign.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Its very strange that "scrubbing the timeline" affects the Source Monitor.


          There maybe a clue in that for someone to comment on.


          Where are your source clips stored? ie Local or External drive?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, please tell us all about your source footage and your Sequence Preset.


            Good luck,



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              sebrame Level 3

              My clips are stored on an internal hardware controlled RAID5(1.5 TB). It occurs with both AVCHD clips as well as NTSC DV clips. It only occurs with the first clip loaded after starting Premiere CS5. Subsequent clips loaded to the Source Monitor are OK, but if I close Premiere down and reopen, the first clip in the Source has the problem.


              Also, I've just tried several different sequence presets, and all have the issue. I'm beginning to believe that it may be a graphics driver issue, since the Quadro 4000 is a relatively young model.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Please file a bug report.


                Troubleshooting the issue here on the forum is, of course, encourage. But I want to make sure that the engineers see this in a bug report, too, so that they can investigate on their end.

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                  sebrame Level 3

                  Thanks Todd...it's done!

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                    lbsimpson Level 1

                    Hi all,


                    I'm experiencing a similar issue, though I have to yet to regain image in my source monitor...The bug seems to have appeared over night so to speak.  I did perform an Adobe Production Suite udpate this morning hoping that would fix the glitch (prior to see this reported as a bug) but no solution yet.


                    I'm working with 1080i60 P2 and Ikegami media in CS5 with a DVCProHD 1080i sequence.  The latter combination has been fine until now.



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                      sebrame Level 3

                      It's been a year, and we still have this problem. It is independent of the type of footage loaded. It occurs with AVCHD clips, or JPEG images. We've had it so long now that it's become natural for us to load a clip into the Source monitor, play the timeline a bit first, then play the Source clip. We plan on upgrading to 5.5 soon. Perhaps that will make it go away.

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                        lbsimpson Level 1

                        Well I can't confirm having the same bug after all.  It turns out ot be related to our Preferences>>Player Settings>>Default Player.  We recently added a Black Magic Multibridge Eclipse into our system.  My memory is deceiving me on this one, but I do believe once the eclipse was integrated that we switched default player to Blackmagic and audio hardware to Blackmagic control.  We also have a MainConcept codec plug-in to handle our Ikegami MXF media which was the previous default player.  At the time the issue was occuring, the default player was set to Blackmagic. Once I switched over to MainConcept the issue was solved.


                        I'm still missing an SDI cable for monitoring video from the Blackmagic on our LCD monitor, but do get audio monitoring.  Regardless of hte missing SDI cable, the Blackmagic should be capable of internal PPro playback shouldn't it?