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    sendAndLoad with GET method problem


      I was googling all the evening trying to find a safe way to send data to MySQL db.


      The method that I was using in past projects is like this (AS2 > PHP > MySQL):


      var insertDB:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

      insertDB.Name = gNAME;
      insertDB.Age = gAGE;
      insertDB.Country = gCOUNTRY;
      insertDB.Points = gPOINS;


      insertDB.sendAndLoad("insertDB.php", insertDB, "GET");


      This method is unsafe since it sends data to PHP with a GET method, the URL string insertDB.php?Name=Jonh&Age=18&Country=USA&Points=123

      So anyone can just type in the address bar www.somewhere.com/insertDB.php?Name=Jonh&Age=18&Country=USA&Points=999, and insert this record (for example with 999 points) into database.


      Any ideas on how to make it the safe way, would be highly appreciated.