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    Missing footage over network


      I have recently switched to AE CS5 and have some new problems related to media linked across a network.  Generally, my work flow is that all of the media for a project will sit on a internal drive on a Mac Pro, which serves as the primary render machine.  However, several people may be working on projects from laptops with the media drive from the Mac Pro mounted.  If the links are set to work on the laptops when the project is opened on Mac Pro, the footage is missing even though it is in the same place on the drive.


      This is a new problem in CS5.  Previous versions have had no problem finding the media regardless of the drive being local or attached over the network.


      The problem is even more limiting when using a Render Engine as previously, the project could be collected without collecting the media and it would access the media from it's orginal location.  Now the media must be collected or the render will fail.


      Any thoughts one why this is and how work around the problem would be appreciated.