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    Premiere Pro CS5 Quicktime Import Problem

    Brea Bill Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am having a problem importing Quicktime .MOV files into Premiere Pro CS5.  When I import .mov files (I've tried several; some I've created myself from AE5, others are purchased from third party libraries) the file shows up in the PPro CS5 project bin, but can't be previewed by dragging into the Source Monitor (system spins for 1-2 minutes, then PPro Source Monitor just shows a gray backround, no video present).  If I drag the file to the timeline, the system will again spin for 1-2 minutes and then the Program Monitor will just display a black video frame.  If I try to play the timeline, the audio will play (if present), but the Program Monitor will show black with occasional "flashes" of a frame from the .mov file.  If I try to render the timeline nothing really happens except the estimate time to finish increases with no end in sight (3 minute clip was showing 20+ hours remaining before I killed it).


      On the same machine, I can view the .mov files just fine using Quicktime 7.6.8, AE 5, and even PPro CS4.


      I am running Windows 7 x64, 9GB memory, Core i7 Processor, Multiple HDD's (per Adobe recommendations), and a nVidia GFX740 card.  I've updated PPro CS5, Quicktime, and nVidia drivers all to the latest version this week.


      Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Any ideas of how to fix this problem?