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    Hinted Streaming with CS5

    mverta Level 1

      Where have the options for Fast Start and Hinted Streaming gone to in AE CS5 Quicktime export/rendering options?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          They are simply gone, mostly owing to the fact that there is no 64bit Quicktime and any such s is handled via a translation layer in CS5.



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            Believe it or not, you can actually access that option in Photoshop.  If you open your movie in Photoshop (weird, right?), you can choose


            File > Export > Render video >


            Which will bring up a dialogue box.  In the "File Options" area, if it is set to "Quicktime Movie", click the settings button to the right, and this will bring up another window.


            At the bottom of this window is the Options for preparing for interent (hinted streaming, fast start, etc.)