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    Flash Player Constantly Crashing w/ FireFox?!


      I've been having a problem playing media on my computer.  Online, instead of playing the music or video (like on youtube or something), it would freeze up firefox for a few minutes then say that my flash player has crashed.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, even installing an older version, but nothing works.  The strangest part is, I can't even play music or video files that are saved on my computer!  I'm thinking it's connected, though I have no idea why.  Please, if anyone knows how to fix this, I'd really appreciate the help.

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          pwillener Level 8

          How can anybody possibly help if you don't give any information:

          • what is your operating system?
          • what is your Firefox version?
          • what is your Flash Player version?
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            SilentlyFuming Level 1

            (No need to be rude, I have very little experience w/ technology and I'm just looking for help.)


            I have a Dell, Windows 7, brand-spanking new, and I have the newest version of Firefox and Flash.

            Anything else I should include that may persuade you to courteously respond?

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              pwillener Level 8

              Why is asking for information rude...?


              Can you see the Flash animation at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ and can you see a version information beneath it?


              Right-click on the Flash object and select Settings.  On the Display tab, do you have 'Hardware Acceleration' enabled?  When you disable it, do you still get the Firefox crash?

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                I'm having the same problem with Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Firefox 5.0, and Flash 10.1.  It crashes 90% of the time when I open a page that has a Flash video or will play very sluggishly, sometimes crashing my system altogether.  I do also request that if the same person responds that you do try to be a little more respectful than your first response, even if we're not tech savvy.  I would love to see what can be done to fix this problem, but unistallign and reinstalling hasn't improved the situation, nor has cleaning out my history, cookies, or temporary files.  Anything extra we could too would be splendid.

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                  Teekayeym Level 1

                  Thanks, I'll give it a shot too.

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                    SilentlyFuming Level 1

                    I could see that yes, but I don't understand what you mean by 'Flash object.'  If you are referring to the banner itself, once I click settings and that little tab-window pops up over the banner it freezes up and then tells me that the flash player has crashed.


                    (Also, I am sorry if I have misinterpretted your words as being brusque.  It's hard to see sarcasm as light-hearted when not said aloud.  I apologize.)

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                      Teekayeym Level 1

                      That worked!  And he does mean that banner, yes!  Try right clicking on that screen that says it has crashed and flip through the tabs if you've got any.  Please try to see if you can get to it!  It has worked wonderfully for me!

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                        sickofadobeflash Level 1

                        I have had the same problem for some time. Not only with Firefox, but with Internet Explorer (7 and 8) and Google Chrome. I am running a Windows 7 Home edition (version 6.1 build 7600) 64 bit O/S, and have read through multiple forums where the web browser is being criticised (unfairly?), and have tried all solutions offered there and here. I have uninstalled and re-installed the adobe flash/shockwave flash at least a dozen times, I have disabled all add-ons to try to isolate if this was a problem, and the flash player wouldnt work at all, but as soon as I enabled the Adobe Actve X the problem began again, so it is not another add-on causing the issue. I have disabled the hardware acceleration. Still a problem.


                        I am running version 10,1,102,64 of Adobe Flash Player

                        Firefox version 3.6.12

                        Internet Explorer version 8.0.7600.16385

                        Google Chrome version 7.0.517.41


                        I use Windows updater so I am assuming that all Service packs, drivers etc are up to date.


                        I use Avast Antivirus


                        Any help to solve this ongoing very frustrating problem would be much appreciated. It used to be that after un-installing and re-installing Flash it worked for a few weeks before constantly crashing, this last time it is crashing immediately, hence I am posting here.



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                          I am facing the same problem. I've tried going to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/, but I can't view any flash objection/animation on that page.


                          I tired to find the "Settings" with other flash animation on other website, but the "Settings" does not have the "Display" tab. There's only "privacy", "local storage", "microphone"and "camera" tab.


                          Adobe flash player version: 9,0,45,0

                          OS: Windows Vista

                          Firefox version: 3.6.12


                          By the way, I tried installing flash player on firefox, but when I check the version on that website (http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/), it always show my version as 9,0,45,0. I have no problem installing it for IE and Google Chrome.

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                            sickofadobeflash Level 1

                            In response to the last post from slayerqurl89. If you go to the link that you posted, you should see a red "F" animate at the top of the screen. This then becomes an ad. It is just above the text that says "Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content". If you right click anywhwere in that ad you should get a dropdown menu. Go to settings. This should bring up a small box that is headed 'Adobe Flash Player Settings'. make sure that the box "Enable hardware acceleration" is unchecked.


                            This did not work for me, but you may have better luck, if you can actually see the ad in the first place. If not, I'm sorry but I cant help....that's one for Adobe help personel to assist with.......good luck!



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                              I found this forum tonight and was surprised to see that you Mark have been experiencing what has happened to me. Last week I tried to go to espn3 to watch a football game but got the dreaded flash player has crashed every few minutes. I also got lagging which is stopping completely then resuming after a few seconds. I am using my beautiful new acer laptop which has 4 gb of ram 320gb of hard drive , windows7 and I am using verizon dsl connection. I have been getting some advice and used some of it from bleeping computer .com or computer hope. Last night I was able to view a tennis match for 20 some minutes without it crashing. Today during another tennis match it crashed repeatedly. I have also tried other browsers like ie or google chrome but the same thing happens. I also disabled accelerate hardware under the settings of adobe, and have reinstalled firefox and adobe flash the latest several times. So have you learned anything yet to solve this problem? It really stinks that a company would be putting out a product that a brand new computer cannot even use properly. Thanks for your help.

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                                pwillener Level 8

                                To the many posters in this topic...


                                If disabling Hardware Acceleration does not fix the problem, try to update the device drivers for your graphics/video/display adapter.

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                                  sickofadobeflash Level 1

                                  I've been quiet since Nov 6 because I had to re-install my flash player and having tried all the suggestions here except updating my driver it was working okay....FOR 5 DAYS....so I updated my drivers (as suggested here), and that had no effect. I will uninstall and reinstall yet again, as maybe the updated video driver needs to be installed before Flash, but I am not holding out much hope.


                                  Seems to me that because this is obviously such a common issue across all browsers Adobe should step up here and either tell us they cant/wont do anything about it or HELP rather than leave us to our own devices.


                                  As always the help from other more experienced users here is much appreciated