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    Saving in code inspector


      I am loving using dual monitor layout in Dreamweaver CS4. Everything seems to work perfectly, except for one annoying problem. The only way that I am able to save the code I type into the code inspector is to go to file->save all. Or of course just select the appropriate tab and switch split view to the code. Neither of these options really work out so well, as I am bouncing between windows too much. In the end I usually just turn off dual monitor.


      Does anyone know how I can save while inside the code inspector window, or should I be doing something different? Ideally, I would want the window on my second monitor to be the code window that clicking on stuff in the designer interacts with, rather than the window directly over the designer in split view.


      Here is how I have my main windows set up now:

      Main monitor=split view. Top window=CSS code(not the CSS inspector thing), Bottom window= wysiwyg designer.

      Second monitor=CSS inspector+file explorer multifunction bar thing=1/5th of screen, then a big code inspector window where I would like to do most of my coding. When editing HTML in there, I want this window to respond to clicks in designer. I also want a darn save button in this window, or hit ctrl-s with this window active to save its contents.


      With how the code inspector minimizes when I click the code inspector title bar, it really makes it convenient to save, click to minimize, be at firefox and then hit refresh to rapidly see changes in a browser. Well, except for the save part, but I know one of you smart folks will have a suggestion.