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    Accessing Atom XML entry by id?


      I have a strange problem when trying to access atom feeds (or any xml really).

      I'm using a standard HttpService to grab an atom feed, then i'm trying to access a particular node summary from its id with this xml query:


      But it will not match any entry based on the id, yet it will quite happily match against the title or any other node as such:
      myLabel.text= myFeed..entry.(title=="Welcome").summary;

      And will even output the id just to prove it exists:
      myLabel.text= myFeed..entry.(title=="Welcome").id;

      Is there something special about the id node so I cant do a straightforward match against it- I'm using the atom namespace which reports the id as a uri so do I need to handle it differently. I've tried converting it to a string also, but this then throws an error saying its null:

      Any ideas?