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    AE and file formats


      Hello,  I am rather new to AE and have what may be a simple question.

      I created an AE project by importing an XML file from FCP using the popcorn script.

      Thing is the original FCP files are H.264, now I know it is a very hard to work with codec and AE has been going very slowly and I just realized that maybe the H.264 could be the problem.

      First question, would a different format be better to work with?


      Since I am bringing it back into FCP which works greatly with ProRes, would that be a suitable format to use?


      Last part, if H.264 could be causing problems, is there an easy way to make AE change the codec of all the video used? Or would I have to batch convert the files then reconnect?


      I greatly appreciate your help! I apologize if I am not using the correct AE lingo, as I said I am new to it, but if I'm not feel free to correct me so I know in the future! Thanks!