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    Buggy and Incredibly  S  l  o  w  . .   .   .

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Maybe you all can shed some light on my problem. I hope!


      I have a Premiere CS5 project with 500-600 clips (MP4s from Sony EX1Rs and MOVs from Canon 7D). I'm half way through the project and will be adding another 600 clips soon. Things are at a CRAWL now!


      I'm running a blowtorch of a computer:


      * liquid cooled, 6-core i7 X980 PC
      * 3.8GHz overclocked
      * 24GB ram
      * Nvidia, GTX 480 card


      When I have less than 100 clips/files in the project panel, things run as expected. But the more clips I've been adding to my project the more it seems to boggle down the computer even without any of the actual files open in any sequences.


      It almost seems that the mere PRESENCE of the files residing in the project seems to make it crumble to a crawl. But I have a hard time believing it could be that!


      Any suggestions?


      Things REALLY go south when I try to mutli-cam edit with 4 XDCAM (MP4) clips. Same when the videos are first brought in and "conforming" (whatever that is).