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    customize contextMenu

      I have a custom component (let's call it X) that is a canvas, containing all sorts of elements.
      X basically it looks like that, hierarchical:
      ..... (other components

      X is a child of the <Application> file. at the application tag I defined a contextMenu with a custom item and I used hideBuiltInItems().
      when I right click on the images in X, the default contextMenu is opened. any other location in the application, I see the contextMenu I defined.
      I tried to define a custom contextMenu at every level of X: image1 and image2 tags, canvas1 / canvas2 tag - never works. always the default contextMenu with the default items.
      help ?
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          I am unable to replicate your problem just using basic jpegs, but maybe your images contain swf movies instead. If this is the case you will need to hideBuiltInItems() in those movies.

          If this is not the case then maybe there are other factors in your source that may contribute to this problem. And I would need to see somethign more specific in order to help you.