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    What Replaced the Motion Math Script

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Again, I've been reading an old AE book  "Angie Taylor - Creative After Effects 5.0


      She was going through a project that involved using MOTION MATH scripts to synch mouth shapes to audio levels. Which she described as being very simple to use.


      Since I couldn't find the Script where she said it would be, I looked up Motion Math in the online help and came across a post from 2007 that mentioned it was done away with.


      What is used now in place of it or how can I recreate what it used to do.  I imagine that something using expressions probably replaced it.


      Before you bark on me about reading such an old book, these old books show some interesting examples and even some tricks that the new books don't,  i.e. I learned how to use Motion Sketch to animate an object to the beat of music, in real time.  Plus you can get these old books for under $5 and some for even a $1 at Amazon.com and since the program was simpler then the learning curve seems to be less overwhelming.


      I use CS4 on a Mac,  and I do have AE CS4 Visual Effects and Compositing by Mark Christiansen



      Thanks in ADvance