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    Lost text / font embedding


      Hi I have an old .fla file that i need to edit, it was created and stored on another machine that uses Flash MX 04, and i am trying to edit it on a machine using CS5. When i open the file, it says some fonts are missing, i change it to use default adobe, but some of the text is missing, sort of like if you have a missing link in inDesign, or illustrator. When i go to test the scene, it says to embed fonts, but presumably this is something that needs to be done on the old machine, as it displays fine on there, no lost text or anything.


      Can anyone tell me a way i can embed the fonts in the original file, before transferring it to my machine to edit, or if there is a way i can "package" everything before transfer (again, like you would with links in indesign)


      Any help is much appreciated!