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    Getting PDF files doesn't work on Windows 7?

    _MDI_ Level 1


         I had a working installation of Adobe Output Central v5.5 on a Windows 2000 machine. I then tried to move it to Windows 7 because we want to change the hardare.


      I set up all programs to run as Windows 2000 under windows 7 (this is something you can decide with the standard functionalities of Windows 7) and all works, BUT, if I try to generate a PDF document I get the famous error [Invalid printer type (98)].


      I use the -asppdf command line parameter to force PDF output and the PDF presentment target is compiled into the MDF file.


      98 is the number that you can read in the "Printer Type" parameter in the pdf.ics file.

      If I comment out that line in the ICS file, the PDF file is produced, but it's corrupted, so it's not readable with any PDF reader.


      Any idea?


      Manyt thanks in advance.