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    why do you use air?




      I am currently at uni writing a dissertation on creating desktop apps and in particular using Adobe air.  I was hoping I could get some views on it from the people who actually use it.  In particular why you use air as opposed to other development tools (ie titanium and silverlight)?  Also how easy do you find it to use?


      Would really appreciate any feedback I can get.  Thanks.

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          Romil Mittal Adobe Employee

          You can find more information and benefits of using AIR as an application platform here:





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            LLDLLDLLD Level 1

            1. Multi Platform. And I hope for more platforms to be supported in the future...


            2. Local database support (as opposed to Silverlight).


            3. Sockets (now even SSL/TLS).


            4. Same code base for desktop and webbased (cloud) apps.



            These are the main reasons why I chose AIR for my current project. Well, missing multithreading almost changed my mind, but I found that there are workarounds for that.



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              lam1578 Level 1



              Thanks for the responses.  I am finishing the write up at the moment and it would be great if I could get some more feedback from developers, general thoughts on air would be good.



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                Jim Soper2

                I am working on a simple but powerful app for learning foreign language vocabulary. Handhelds are great for this, but we also want the same app on desktops to make it available to as many students as possible. Therefore, Titanium, Adobe, Silverlight, Java.


                Writing in Javasript gets us somewhat more portability than Java, and it's faster to code in than Java.


                Silverlight does not run on as many platforms as the other two. So it's out.


                I am writing in Javascript, HTML, CSS - targeting Webkit, which is the underlying tech on many of these platforms. Unfortunately, both Titanium and AIR are both quite buggy. Remains to be see which one we will use long term.

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                  What do you mean AIR is buggy?

                  We ve been using AIR and GWT to write incredible applications that target both the web and the desktop ans it s all been fun untill here.

                  Since you are writing a HTML/JS/CSS  based app, maybe you might check the library i wrote  that can  help you doing this better : http://code.google.com/p/gwt4air/ .