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    Connection path (CS5)


      When i set up my connection there was a page called index.html in the root directory and Contribute selected this as the file to look at on connection. Unfortunately the real index page is Index.aspx and i now cant find a way to stop contribute from looking for the .html page, even though i have deleted it. This happens with every connection key i send out, any ideas how to change it??

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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               Can you try changing the Home Page for the roles in your website, and check whether it solves the problem? To change the Home Page for a particular role, use the following steps:-


          1. After connecting to your website as administrator.
          2. Click Edit -> Administer Websites and select your website.
          3. Select a role from the Users and Roles list (for ex., administrator), and click Edit Role Settings button.
          4. In the Edit Role Settings dialog, select General from the left panel. There is an option to change the Home page for users in that role.
          5. Click Choose button, and select the web page which you want to be the Home Page for that role.


          Hope this helps.