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    A small note about Item key or itemData for listitems in a dropdown box ( combo box )

    Andreas Jansson Level 2

      Looking for a built-in way to let the user select an item in a list, but to return a corresponding key (that should not be visible to the user), I was pleased to see that the javascript way of automatically expanding objects with new properties came in handy:


          myDlg.Panel1.DropDownList1.ListItem3 = myDlg.Panel1.DropDownList1.add('item','The text to show');
          myDlg.Panel1.DropDownList1.ListItem1.listKey = 'my secret code';  // listKey is not a default property


      The list item is now expanded with a new property called listKey, and the "key" of the selected item can be found in this way:




      I hope you get the idea, and that this might be helpful for someone looking for the same thing.