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    Getting "sound" to obey actions

    ommvc61 Level 1

      Within a movie that's function is a car's automatic window rolling down and up, it is set up with a rollover button, and rollout invisible button. There is also a layer with labels identifying "down" and "up", with simple actions script attached to the buttons. And, it all works fine.


      I then added a sound layer, and put the corresponding key frames where they should be. I have an actions layer with "stops" at the first frames of the "down" and "up" sections, and again, all works, except the sound layout does not obey the actions. (same sound each direction).


      When I preview the Flash, the sound plays immediately. I would like it to begin playing on roll over of the button.


      On the "button" I have attached the following AS code:


      on (rollOver) {




      On the "invisible button" I have attached the following AS code:


      on (rollOver) {




      I know I'm missing a simple "stop" command somewhere, but can't figure it out.