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    Problems with imported .mov files - please help!


      Hello all,


      Imported .mov clips of various lengths (from 5 seconds to 3.5 minutes) into PremierePro CS5 (setting: DSLR HD 1080p).


      The import went fine, all clips loaded up. However, when I try to watch a movie in the source monitor - or if I drag the movie into a sequence and try to watch it in the program monitor - the clip only runs for 0.5 seconds, then stops by itself. Clicking "Play" ends up doing the same thing - movie runs for 0.5 seconds (or less) then stops. No way to watch the entire clip. I can scroll the scrubby bar across and the movie "moves" from start to finish, but there's no way to actually watch any clip. Very frustrating.


      What could be the problem?


      Thanks in advance for all your help!