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    Looking for a script exporting pdf files after changing PMS to CMYK colors

    siva k Level 1




      Hello every one,


      I have lot of files which needs to change in InDesign


      1. PMS colors (if any) to CMYK

      2. Exportas a specific color profile (GWG_GenericCMYK)


      To do this I have file names, sizes information in excel sheet. Can I assume with scripts…?

      1. New file sizes, name creation      will be using of excel sheet,
      2. Save      the file (location I will choose manually sounds that script needs to      pause here)
      3. Placing in center of the      document than
      4. Color swatches changes PMS to     CMYK (if any other wise leave it as it is),  at the end
      5. Exports file as a pdf with     already defined pdf settings (GWG_GenericCMYK).


      Can some one make my dream come true ...???


      If anyone solve this situation it’s saves my towns of time. Please help me any tremendous scripter ….

      I don’t have any knowledge in scripting... Please see for example excel sheet. sorry for image i tryed to upload excel file some error..!!!


      Thanks in Advance



      Best Regards,