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    Cache problem

    GeorgeWS Level 1

      I am using Flash Builder 4. I have a program where PDF files are displayed in a data grid. I use this:


      <cfset directoryPath="//myServer/root/web/">
      <cfset EmployeeID=#TRIM(EmployeeID)#>
      <cfdirectory action="list"  directory="#TRIM(directoryPath)#/#TRIM(EmployeeID)#/Daily/"  name="qDirectory">

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <cfoutput query="qDirectory">
      <file name="#qDirectory.name#" type="#qDirectory.type#" size="#qDirectory.size#"/>



      This gets the files and then a datagrid displays the PDFs. Works only SOME of the time. I think the page gets cached and some browsers dont refresh the whole thing, meaning run the HTTPService. So if the program gets refreshed the datagrid comes back blank.


      What could be going wrong?


      Is there a setting to reload all parts?