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    Proxy-config wsdl question


      When defining my destenatoin in the proxy-config.xml, Is it possible to point to a wdsl  located on the local file system?

      I am trying to connect TIBCO web-services which do not advertise the WSDL.


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          You peaked my interest so I did the following.


          FIrst, I found a simple service (calculate) online and copied it's WSDL to my local drive.




          I added the file reference to it in my proxy-config.xml.




          No luck!


          However, since I had the WSDL, I placed it on my local TOMCAT (LCDS) instance so that I could reference it via HTTP.



          <destination id="testWSDLFile">















          <adapter ref="soap-proxy"/>




          Once i did that, I could use the Data Service wizard in FlashBuilder and everything seemed to work. I was worried that I might have crossdomain issue-something to consider I suppose. Otherwise .. all good.


          Hope that helps some



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            xbytemanx Level 1

            That did help ~ sorry for the late response, I just decided to include the

            WSDL file in the war deployment and self reference it.


            I figured that any change i needed to make would require me to redeploy the war anyways.