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    Overflow leader not working correctly

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have a pdf workbook that contains a series of questions and I need to create a form that will be located at the back of the workbook to enable people to write the answers to the questions. I started experimenting with subforms in LiveCycle Designer, where I've wrapped a static text box containing a heading (Activity 1) in a subform (called ActivityHeader), then below this is another subform (ActivityBody) that contains a text field for them to write the answer in. I then wrapped both of these subforms into a wrapper subform (called ActivityWrapper), and planned to repeat about 3 or 4 of these "ActivityWrapper" subforms on each page.


      Since each answer that they write in the ActivityBody Subform may span a few pages, I needed to try and make the form dynamic. I experimented with a few settings to make this happen and when I tested the form, the ActivityBody Subform successfully spanned the required amount of pages according to the amount of content I had entered. Since I needed the ActivityHeader subform (which contains the activity heading, eg. Activity 1, or 2 or 3 etc.) to repeat itself at the top of each new page where the content flows to, I set the overflow leader for the ActivityBody subform to be ActivityHeader. When I tested this though, I found that even though the content spilled onto at least 5 pages, the overflow leader only ever got repeated on the first 2 pages and not the other 3.


      I wondered if anyone knows why this is happening and if there is a solution?


      Appreciate any assistance.